Kentatsu Comfort

Pleasant atmosphere in the premise all year round. Made in Russia.


– high level of noise and vibration isolation;

– high rigidity of the casing;

– resistance of packaged component to external influences;

– simplicity and reliability of the fastening of internal nodes and aggregates;

– high efficiency;

– strict maintenance of the set operating modes;

– durability of packaged elements and additional aggregates.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Kentatsu brand has been introduced to the Russian market since 2005. All Kentatsu products are designed to meet the real needs of the user, to create a perfect comfort in any premise. The ability to be focused on the essentials allowed Kentatsu to offer consumers the high-quality air conditioning solutions under the optimum conditions.

Made in Russia

We have all the necessary resources for the production of ventilation systems of any scale and level of complexity. Demand for Russian equipment is growing every day, and the Company is ready to satisfy it.

Optimum Price and Quality

Active modernization of production has been carried out at all supplier plants. The latest developments have been used in Kentatsu equipment. Kentatsu quality meets all modern standards.

Free Wheel Fan

Fans have the highest static efficiency, and therefore low noise level. The fan section price is lower, transportation and installation are cheaper. In addition, there is no need to replace the belts.

Electronically Communicated Electromotor

Electronically communicated electromotors from a leading European manufacturer are used in the systems of 500-10,000 m3/h (typical sizes 001–010). Their efficiency reaches a high level of 92%. Thanks to this, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Simple, Reliable, Durable

Well-thought-out design and high production culture ensure ergonomics of service operations

High Air-Tightness

Panels of the case are made of galvanized steel and mineral wool. Thickness of the walls of the casing:

30 mm
For low capacity systems

50 mm
For larger capacity systems

This allows achieving high air-tightness of the design, and also providing virtually silent operation.

Indoor and outdoor mounting

Systems are made for two mounting options: indoors and outdoors. Street performance of ventilation units is a frameless one-piece chamber.



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