Kentatsu Bravo


Class A energy efficiency
Automatic evaporator cleaning
Heating up to 8 °С

Models with Inverter Technology

Bravo inverter models provide an increased level of comfort by means of an accurate temperature control, as well as significantly reduce the energy consumption. DC inverter is a modern and reliable compressor that increases the efficiency of the operation of the air conditioner. All Bravo inverter models meet the requirements of the European ERP Directive/Ecodesign for the minimum acceptable energy efficiency of the equipment.

Stylish Design

Smooth lines of the contour and front panel perfectly fit into any interior.

Electronic Display

Modern display emphasizes a design without any loss of functionality.

Local Microclimate

The desired microclimate parameters are set at the location of the remote control panel.

Comfortable Sleep

Automatic change of temperature to prevent the sleeping person from overheating or overcooling.


Comfortable atmosphere anytime

Convenient Control

Compact and convenient wireless remote control panel with a large LCD display.



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