Kentatsu Mark II


Local microclimate
Feature “Comfortable Sleep”
Energy efficiency A ++

Models with Inverter Technology

Inverter models provide an increased level of comfort by means of an accurate temperature control, as well as significantly reduce the energy consumption. DC inverter is a modern and reliable compressor that increases the efficiency of the operation of the air conditioner.
Lightweight and Space-Saving
Smooth lines in combination with a white casing unobtrusively complement any interior. Small sizes allow placing the unit even in the smallest premises.
Hidden-Type Information Display
Set temperature and timer settings are displayed on the front panel of the air conditioner, indicators inform of the timer operation and the engagement of the defrosting mode of the outdoor unit.
Operates While You Sleep
Feature “Comfort Sleep” prevents overcooling or overheating of a person during sleep, as well as reduces noise level and energy consumption. You will sleep comfortably until the early hours.
Thought Out to the Last Detail
Feature “Anti-Stress” eliminates the unpleasant effect of cold or hot air on people. Locate the indoor unit anywhere without any worries about inconvenience and your health.
My preferences
Feature “My Preferences” restores the desired operating parameters just with a press of a button: mode, temperature, fan speed, position or swing of the damper, operation in “night mode”.
Not Leaving the Sofa
Air conditioner is easily controlled by the wireless remote control panel with an LCD display that is included in the set.



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