Kentatsu Quantum


Powerful and reliable air conditioner

Local microclimate
Feature “Comfortable Sleep”
Automatic evaporator cleaning

Ideal both for the apartment and the office

The combination of aesthetics and comfort
Curved lines of the snow-white casing of the indoor unit in combination with luxurious inserts on the sides make it light and thin. Compact design allows mounting Kentatsu Quantum air conditioner without any damage to the overall interior look.
Quick Access to Mode
Quick access to mode accelerates the reach of the required temperature. Turbo button is provided on the control panel for that. Upon pressing it, the fan speed of the indoor unit will immediately increase, and the temperature in the premise will begin to approach the set temperature faster. After 15 minutes, the fan speed will automatically decrease to the original value.
Freshness of Sea Breeze
Automatic swinging of the dampers creates a comfortable air circulation in the premise. Such circulation in combination with the appropriately set temperature creates the effect of a sea breeze, which has been invented by the nature itself for the natural mixing of air masses. The air speed from the indoor unit is limited to 0.3 m/s, therefore the drafts that are harmful to health are excluded.
Intelligent Defrost
Defrosting process of the outdoor unit is activated in heating mode only upon necessity, and lasts exactly until thawing, which saves energy consumption.

Comfortable atmosphere anytime

Wireless Remote Control Panel
Allows you comfortably to control all the functions of the air conditioner. The information about the mode, temperature and timer is shown on the display.



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