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Models with Inverter Technology

Inverter models provide an increased level of comfort by means of an accurate temperature control, as well as significantly reduce the energy consumption. DC inverter is a modern and reliable compressor that increases the efficiency of the operation of the air conditioner.
Modern Design
Laconic front panel with a hidden-type digital display.
Digital Display
Modern hidden-type luminous display with a clear and contrast display of operating parameters.

This feature ensures that the flow of cold or hot air from the indoor unit does not reach the user. The air conditioner automatically changes the direction of the air supply depending on the temperature.

Wireless Remote Control Panel

Allows comfortably controlling all the features of the air conditioner not leaving the sofa.

Auto Swing of Dampers

Provides effective air circulation. It feels like this circulation in combination with a properly selected temperature is similar to a sea breeze. No drafts: the air flow rate from the indoor unit does not exceed 0.3 m/s.


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