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Class A ++ energy efficiency
Comfortable sleep
Auto restart

Models with Inverter Technology

Inverter models provide an increased level of comfort by means of an accurate temperature control, as well as significantly reduce the energy consumption. DC inverter is a modern and reliable compressor that increases the efficiency of the operation of the air conditioner.
Classic Design
The information display unobtrusively displays the set temperature and the time value on the timer, indicators inform about the timer operation and thawing regime of the outdoor unit.

Comfortable atmosphere at any time of the year.

Local Microclimate
Air conditioner can operate by a temperature sensor integrated in the remote control. The required microclimate parameters will be maintained at the location of the remote control – that is, exactly where you are.
Intelligent Defrost
Defrosting process of the outdoor unit is activated in heating mode only upon necessity, and lasts exactly until thawing, which saves energy consumption.
Wireless Remote Control Panel
Allows you comfortably to control all the functions of the air conditioner. The information about the mode, temperature and timer is shown on the display.



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