Semi-Industrial Air Conditioners Kentatsu

Solutions for large premises

5 types of indoor units

Air conditioners of this segment of the equipment are classified by several types, which are constructionally varying by the way of mounting and differently distribute the air flow


Mounted on the wall




Mounted in ceiling space


Mounted to the ceiling below or on the wall close to the floor


Placed on the floor

Choose a Unit

The main factors you should take into consideration by choosing the type of indoor unit:


Area of premises

Heat distribution

Air flow distribution

Ceiling height

Presence of a hanging ceiling

Noise level

Wall-mounted conditioners

Indoor unit is designed for wall mounting


Typical solution for stores, restaurants, gyms.

Air Distribution

Direction of the air flow from the indoor unit can be changed horizontally and vertically.


Kentatsu KSGN wall-type air conditioner

Cassette-Type Air Conditioners

Units are built into the hanging ceiling, closed from below with a decorative panel with a filter and air supply dampers


Typical solution for large areas – stores, restaurants, offices.

Air Distribution

Cassette unit delivers air flow at an angle to the ceiling plane in one, two, three or four directions. The deviation angle of the flow can be changed (synchronously vertically).

Cassette-Type Air Conditioner
Kentatsu KSVR

Channel-Type Air Conditioners

Placed behind the ganging ceiling of the room or hallway, without any significant loss of height of the premise.


Can operate at once for several premises. Air duct system is used – suitable for creation of a comfortable microclimate in apartments and offices.

Air Distribution

Air can be delivered directly into the premise or can be divided into parts by using air ducts and then delivered into the premise (via grids on the wall or anemostats on the ceiling).

Channel-type conditioner
Kentatsu KSTV

Universal air conditioners

Ceiling unit is mounted to the ceiling or near the floor


Typical solution for premises with high ceilings, elongated premises – stores, gyms.

Air Distribution

Direction of air flow from the indoor unit can be changed horizontally and vertically – rotary shutters and a larger area damper better regulate air flow and ensure a wide angle of air supply.

Universal air conditioner
Kentatsu KSHE, KSHF

Floor-mounted air conditioners

Indoor unit is designed to be mounted on the floor


It is used in exhibition halls, stores, waiting rooms, where fixing of the indoor units to ceilings or walls is impossible or undesirable.

Air Distribution

Direction of the air flow can be changed horizontally, vertically and supply can be ensured over a long distance.

Floor-mounted air conditioner
Kentatsu KSFW, KSFV



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